Stop seeing things in black and white, in or out.

For a long time, Jasmine didn’t reduce her consumption of animal products, because she didn’t want to miss out on her favourite pizza. Sarah was having dairy and eggs every day because it’s hard to find vegan options when going…

I appreciate the idea of developing an agriculture that is better for the environment, health and for animals. I would support Organic Farming and I would buy organic products if:

  • Organic farmers were allowed to use whichever tool is best for the environment, health and for animals. …

Worry about reaching people and promoting potent and realistic steps forward instead.

The definition of speciesism you get from a quick Google search is “the assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals.”

Wikipedia states that “Speciesism or specism refers to the differing treatment or moral consideration of individuals based on their species membership. …

Impossible Foods’ unprecedented burger concoction is built on four ingredient foundations: protein, fat, binders and flavor. The protein in an Impossible Burger isn’t animal flesh; rather, it’s a blend of soy and potato proteins.

The impossible burger is an enormous success and it will keep on expanding because it’s safe…

Advocate, Business person, Scientist FTW

Have you read or heard an animal activist say that veganism or vegetarianism don’t matter because first and foremost, it’s got to be PO-LI-TI-CAL?

Have you had vegans tell you that REAL, TRUE VEGANISM is all about activism, demonstrations and being loud while the choices we make at the shops…

Trouble was afoot

Why am I seeing these feet in my newsfeed?

It’s all good, a few members at Friendly and Pragmatic Vegans and Vegetarians decided to be light hearted and provide a bit of low key entertainment… ;)

A PeTA article is doing the rounds, undermining the Impossible Foods burger as it had to be tested on 180 rats.

Photo of the Impossible Burger patty used in a typical “burger” fashion.

When you have a serious rat problem at home, with large colonies having moved in under your house and in your attic, what do you do? This can easily…

Useful and RELIABLE resource

The purpose here is to select and recommend the most pertinent, useful and, most importantly, sound and reliable science based advice when it comes to raising animal friendly children following a plant based diet.

Of course, it is not meant to replace regular check ups as advised by one’s local…

The Animalist

A logical, friendly and pragmatic approach to animal advocacy.

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