Progress will happen despite your anti-science friends

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2 min readNov 1, 2019

Impossible Foods’ unprecedented burger concoction is built on four ingredient foundations: protein, fat, binders and flavor. The protein in an Impossible Burger isn’t animal flesh; rather, it’s a blend of soy and potato proteins.

The impossible burger is an enormous success and it will keep on expanding because it’s safe, it’s what people like to eat and it’s affordable. A number of anti-science activists are opposing it, with ever changing reasons why. They are wasting everyone’s time, especially their own. If only this energy was used to do something useful rather than slightly counter-productive.

Indeed, it is sadly not uncommon to see pieces such as this article:

Let me offer one which has great hyperlinks and explains everything well, even if anti-science fans typically cannot tolerate facts if they don’t comfort their bias:

The World Health Organisation is clear about GM food being just as safe as any other food:

The American Council on Science and Health as well —

These are genuine, real organisations, not fake anti-science minded activists masquerading as a group with a misleading name like that article I started with, from “gmoscience dot org”. They wouldn’t know the first thing about the scientific method.

Folks, it’s easy to check by googling the names of the organisation and reading up on them.

And you know what, the world will progress in spite of our anti-science minded friends. They are not likely to listen so all you can do is say two or three things, provide a link or two and leave it at that.

Myself, I used to be anti-GMO in the 90's and most of the 00's when I actually knew nothing about it and relied on ideology based propaganda from radical green groups.

Live and learn!

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